iVentions event architects


venue management and roadshows

  • project and venue management 

  • supply chain management 

  • event logistical planning and production
  • coordination and obtaining of local permits and official documents

iVentions has a lot of know-how in congresses, fairs and exhibition displays. To express everything you have to say on just a few square meters can be a real challenge. Key is to be selective in the message and to carry the message well and consistently in the overall stand design.


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hospitality management

  • entertainment programming
  • catering selection
  • accreditation, hostess, guest management
  • VIP and shuttle service 

brand experience

  • fan engangement
  • retail and merchandising
  • corporate events
  • audio-visual communication

sponsorship management

  • sponsorship strategy 
  • design of sponsorship programms and sponsorship activation 
  • match sponsors / brands with events
  • build long-lasting relationships between customers and brands

Every sponsor, or event organizer looking for a sponsor, needs a clear strategy and campaign to develop audience engagement and brand awareness. We match companies and brands with the right events and audiences and moreover we offer effective solutions for impactful and valuable relationships with your customers.  

More and more marketing needs to be interactive. To establish true audience engagement, companies have to interact with their customers and consequently show them their opinion is important. We help you to answer the question: “How can my customer connect with my brand?” This is possible by creating, developing and implementing online and on site sponsor activation programs, always focusing on targeting the right audience in the right way to guarantee a valuable investment.

In other words we are connection specialists: to enhance user experience we connect brands, companies, audiences, customers, events, venues, federations, organizations (including NGO's), communication channels, ideas, strategies and more.

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design and engineering

  • conceptual idea and creation
  • exhibit and structure design
  • interior design, venue dressing and fitting
  • set-up of 
audiovisuals and lighting 

Our 360º event architecture services cover all aspects of events. 
From temporary solutions, traveling showcases and interactive events, we translate your ideas into practical functionalities that impress your guests.

We can design your event, or select the venue, or build the event from scratch, or we can just as well take care of the full production. Our strength is in any case creating impact whilst using resources smartly.

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event procurement

  • experienced purchase team
  • pan-European supplier network
  • team work and coordination between client and agency
  • best service at best value

Framework service proposition

To create a new concept in the events market iVentions has implemented a modern marketing technique – involvement of corporate clients to co-create an ideal event agency. iVentions has actively worked together with marketing and procurement directors from different companies and sectors to define what an ideal event agency has to offer its clients to successfully assist them in the event production. As result, we have created the Framework Service proposition that perfectly matches our clients’ needs. 

The “iVentions Framework” is composed of 8 modules that include a wide spectrum of services required to create impactful events. These modules cover all the necessities that a client may have during the event production process.

The main purpose of the proposition is to establish a long-lasting relationship with our clients based on trust and transparency. In the event co-creation process, clients stay in control of decisions and at the same time count on our expertise based on more than 20 years of experience.

Read our whitepaper on expanding the role of procurement

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additional services

risk and environmental management

press and media management

event marketing and public relations

luxury private events